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MEETinTREKKIES Unite (in Vegas)!

August 2018

Hosted by

Gracie   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address Las Vegas, NV
VEGAS, BABY! Need I say more? Okay, I guess I do so I will. Vegas is always fun, right? (Say yes!) Dressing in costume is always fun, right? (say yes!) Now we will once again combine the two (I say this because those who went for Halloween a couple years ago dressed up in costume). BUT....

Yes, there's a BUT --- This time it's an intergalactic gathering called THE STAR TREK CONVENTION! Woo! Hoo! Yes, we get to see different aliens walking about and maybe even meet some of your favorite captains (Captain Kirk & Captain Janeway are scheduled so far) not to mention some of our favorite crew (Uhura, Data, Geordi, and .... well, check the site and see!).

But you're not a trekkie, you say? Meh, no worries! Join us anyhow. We'll get together before and after the convention. Plus, not everyone will attend each day. AND THERE ARE NIGHTS! You know that Vegas never sleeps so that means we have all night to enjoy Vegas.

*** FYI: Until the 1/25, Southwest is having a sale. Get tickets before they go up! I got round trip tickets from Portland for under $200. ***

Convention Hotel is the RIO. Prices are:
Friday/Saturday: $129 Single double or, two double beds.
All other convention nights: $79 a night.

If calling mention the group name of Star Trek 2018 and use the group code SRTRE8.

If getting hotels online use this link:

Events will be posted on the Vegas site by attendees.

Looking forward to another fun night in Vegas with awesome friends!