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OUR MISSION: Make friends in the real world, without the pretense of establishing business connections.

About MEETin.org

Each group is run by local volunteers in the area of the group's city with the main purpose of bringing people together to find new friends and network around the globe.

Unlike other sites, we are not a dating service. We invite all people whether you are married, single, in a committed relationship, etc. to come and meet people in your area. All we ask is that you come with an open mind for meeting new friends.

The focus of the MEETin groups is to build a social network by making new friends without the pretense of establishing business networks to just make money.

How did MEETin start?

"Mikey", as most people know him, established the first MEETin group to connect people socially in DC and also built the MEETin.org web site. MEETinDC was very different in that it was not just another event posting board, or limited by who was able to join. Instead, its focus was on local events that brought people together to meet and have a good time.

MEETinDC became such a success that more than 82218 members have now joined MEETin groups in over 90 cities, both in the U.S. and internationally, such as Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Portland, Amsterdam, Paris, and Toronto. Mikey continues to expand the organization with new members joining every day, while he works to build the MEETin.org site.