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Animal Planet EXPO in Clearwater, FL

June 2007

Hosted by

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Address Clearwater, Fl
Animal Planet and Bright House Networks have team up to bring the Animal Planet Expo to Tampa Bay. Animal Planet Expo is a FREE, fun-filled family experience that even your cats and dogs will enjoy. A trip to Animal Planet Expo includes:

Animal House / R.O.A.R. for Wildlife — Get up close and personal with even more live animals.

Bug House — Experience the world of butterflies, ants and other creepy crawlers.

Safari Snaps — Download the ultimate digital photo with you and the likenesses of Jeff Corwin or Terri and Bindi Irwin.

Heroes of Animal Planet / R.O.A.R. for Pets — Be a hero to your dog or cat by creating your own customized pet tag!

Discovery HD Theater Dome — Experience the amazing clarity of HD TV and get up close and personal with nature's best.

Kids Zone — Great face painting for children 13 years and younger.

Connection Zone — Find out about the best deals and latest products, enter to win an HD TV set, and win prizes at the fun Panda Plinko Game!

Fresh Step Pet Den / R.O.A.R. for Adoptions — Learn more about local humane efforts and pet adoption opportunities.

Friends of Animal Planet — Visit, play fun-filled games and win prizes.

Expo Extras — Grab some cool gear at great prices.

Discovery Kids Endurance Experience — Test your mettle against the best. Whether you want to hang around, climb the mountain or test your speed in the water, Discovery Kids is all about Endurance.

R.O.A.R. Promise Station — Make a promise to help animals and receive a limited-edition R.O.A.R. tote bag!

Let it Fly — Can you make a frog leap? Can you catch a butterfly? How about a flying squirrel? Come try your hand.

And don't miss the Meerkat Photo Op Station!