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Fajita/Margarita Night at Charlie Goodnights

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Written by Salee on 03/20/2008.

Meetin Raleigh revisited Charlie Goodnights amatuer night on Wednesday and had a blast! 10 of us crowded into the Old Bar downstairs for some $10 margarita pitchers and $10 fajita specials. We had some old-timers (yes, after 4 events you are considered an old timer!), newbies, and even a couple we did our best to recruit. :-)

The show upstairs was hee-larious. Guest after guest came out and tried their hand with the mic. Some jokes were laugh-out-loud funny (I'll never eat another Powerbar again) and some made us groan (Does a woman with the odometer in also have a sticker on her forehead reminding her when to get a lube job too?). Yes... it was soooome night. :-) Thanks for coming out everyone. It was a great time!

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