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Viewing Party of the Top Chef Masters Premiere

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Written by Darrell on 04/07/2011.

Glad to finally meet Wilson from MeetinLA who is a interesting fellow from London and good to see Annette from the LA Foodies and we also met a couple of peeps one being a published book author from Japan by way of the UK and Jamaica.

To my disappointment, neither of the Too Hot Tamales were in attendance, but a flyer was passed out and the hostess promises Mary Sue will be there next week... Will this be a case of fool me twice???

The fish taco left me wanting one of Ricky's Fish Tacos... however, the Poblano Quesadilla was excellent. The Happy Hour prices are before 7pm and during the show 8-9pm. The drinks were not very good... My no salt Marguerita was too salty and my Mojito was too minty and too sour.

There's only one flat screen and I was surprised that there was only 3 girls besides our group that attended the Viewing Party...

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