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Dueling Pianos = So Much Fun! (Rancho Cucamonga)

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Written by Gracie on 06/17/2010.

Had fun at Rock the Keys. Brian made it a point to request my favorite song (Three Little Birds by Bob Marley) and then let them know it was my birthday. Yes, they did call me up to the piano and got embarrassed.

Even Young came out to enjoy the night with us.

After Rock the Keys, we did try going to Omaha Jack's to see if they still had karaoke, but no such luck (city closed it down). Brian and Gracie decided to go to Knocker's (dive bar in Montclair) where we met up with Gracie's so-called adopted son. A few games of pool were played and the jukebox never remained quiet.

Definitely a fun night! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

Until then...

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