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Harrisburg Pa. Group Photos
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The group!!

Jenn and Diane getting the evening started!!

Although no CHristmas Martini on the menu, I settled for a YUMMY chocolate Martini

Jenn and Andrew after many, many takes!!

Suggestive Shots!

No shortage of PEP at the Pep Grill!!

Patrick and Jenn

Lynn and Jenn in front of the fireplace at Molly's!


Added By Lynn On: 12/23/09
This was a fun night and it was great to see everyone again.

Added By Kelly On: 12/20/09
I had a really great time! Thanks JENN for hosting, and Patrick for his holiday gift! Everyone who came out made the night worth while. Thanks! Hope to see everyone again soon!

Added By Jenn On: 12/19/09
For my "surprise" how nice!!