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Virtual Freak Train

May 2020

Hosted by

Mo   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

We miss Freak Train and The Bug Theater! Let's enjoy their monthly talent show event, virtually!

Join us at the link above at 8pm for the Freak Train intro with GerRee Hinshaw! Then, if you have a talent you'd like to show off, post a short video in that group or just watch the posted videos and join us for the wrap up at 9pm. Our very own Dale will be performing a comedy set!

If you enjoy the event, consider making a small donation to help out The Bug Theater, here!

"See" you there!

From the Website:
Facebook Event
Time for our third Virtual Freak Train!! Here is how it works:
Virtual Freak Tain takes place on our Group Page called "I like to spend the last Monday of the month at Freak Train"
Our incredible host, GerRee Hinshaw, will go live in that group at 8PM on Monday, May 25 for the welcome, intro, rules and song!
Then, if you are submitting your act, upload it to the group page.
Spend the next hour enjoying all the creativity and fun everyone is bringing to Virtual Freak Train!
GerRee will go live again at 9PM with her closer.
ALL are welcome! Freak Train is for everyone! So join us!