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Bangalore Group Photos
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Dil Chahta Hai..!!!!

Mukul Joins the group!

memorable click

Beautiful Nandi Hills

Great Views!!!

Rock n Roll on the Death Point ;-)

New experience for everyone

Some good Discussion too!!!

Back Home!!!

Some Group clicks

Thank you all : "hehehe...The Leader"

Group Click!!!

Let's Go Now!!

Let's Jump Togather!!!

Dil Chahta Hai....!!!

Dil Chahta Hai!!!!

Travis, Muki and Rajiv!!

Let's Go back!!! Huhhhh!!!!


Added By Deepak On: 09/26/05
Well even though the subject says it well..I can just keep writing about the fun and good time we had at Nandi hills.Not to mention the good company we had to share it with.Boy it was exciting.Well apart from being one of the first event's outside bangalore for the group we got a chance to visit a nice place.And I guess the entire credit for the event planning goes to Kavya..Way to go Kavya!!...I'm looking forward to coming and helping you out for the future events.