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Stoopid Tourist Day, Part Deux

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Written by Melody on 09/11/2006.

prima gallantly stepped in as the photographer since i brilliantly left my camera at home (right after recharging the battery specifically for this... sigh...). see her pix here!

so a bunch of us met up at my place, broke up into carpools (thanks to all the carpool drivers, by the way!!), and headed to our first stop, the museum of neon art downtown. it was bright. it was shiny. it was pretty cool. it took about 15 minutes. but it was 15 minutes of bright, shiny, cool goodness, and that's all that really matters.

we headed on to culver city and meandered through the hallowed halls of the museum of jurassic technology. there was the room of odd folk cures (mice on toast cures bedwetting, ant eggs cure heartbreak, spittle and pee cure all kinds of stuff, and you can french kiss a duck if your mouth has fungus. which it might after eating the mice on toast, the ant eggs, and the spittle and pee), the room of trailer park collections (pin cushion collections, china plate collections, and whatnot), the room of the guy who sculpts stuff on needles because he is apparently really bored, and all kinds of short films and dialogues narrated by the guy who voiced all the movies you had to see in 4th grade science class. we bought a book of shadow puppets. it was well worth it.

from there we headed out to the "lawn people," which i'd seen pictures of. as it turns out, you can't park or even stop there. so we basically drove past the lawn people.

we had planned to see the god shop in burbank and the old trapper's lodge sculptures in woodland hills, but we decided it made more sense to save those for another time and stay in hollywood. we made it to our final stop before dinner, wacko soap plant, which is quite possibly the best store in all of los angeles.

we got a hearty thai dinner at palms thai and made it last long enough to catch the thai elvis in action, and we left full of noodly goodness.

i hope everyone had a good time, and i'll see what i can do about setting up the next one (probably at an earlier start time). thanks for your patience and your bad date stories. you guys rock. :)

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