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Priscilla's Best MEETin Event Story .......
At Meetin Miami we used to take turns hosting the newbie happy hours. We usually just picked a bar that was convenient and showed up. Then one girl came up with the ingenious idea of contacting the bar beforehand to see if we could get drink specials. She told them we were to be a group of more than 15, mostly women. Well, not only did we get amazing drink specials, we also got incredible goodie bags with all sorts of high-end beauty products and even a blouse! Nobody after that was able to top that one.
(Photos below are of events Priscilla planned or attended)
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Austin News News Date
Birthday @ Macarena, et al.. 05/07/2007
Dinner at Casa Paco. 03/23/2007
March - Dinner at Casa Paco. 03/23/2007
World cup @ Tequila Chicas. 07/11/2006
EatinMiami June Version 2.0. 06/26/2006
More Skydiving Pics. 06/19/2006
Game 3 @ Gordon Biersch. 06/14/2006
Hard Rock pics!. 06/13/2006
EatinMiami @ Siam Bay Shore. 06/05/2006
EatinMiami @ Siam Bay Shore. 06/05/2006