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LT's Best MEETin Event Story .......
Chris and Kate's Pool party, Broke Mofo events, ACL with Meetin folks (Jen and I were right at the stage for TV on the Radio!!!), the Halloween zombie crawl, Anthony's Halloween parties, Josh's Halloween party, happy hours at 219 West and the Wiskey Bar, the Meetin scavenger hunt and WIG PUB NIGHT!!!
(Photos below are of events LT planned or attended)
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Austin News News Date
Murder, Mayhem and Misadventure Walking Tour. 10/27/2013
7th Annual Flip Your Wig Pub Crawl. 10/23/2013
Like a Tourist: Cathedral of Junk!. 06/18/2013
Cookie Swap at LT's Place. 12/11/2012
Empty Bowl Project. 11/18/2012
Flip Your Wig Pub Crawl!. 10/23/2012
Brunch Bunch at Gusto!. 06/19/2012
Blue Genie Art Bazaar. 12/21/2011
Coats for Kids Volunteering. 12/08/2011
5th Annual Wig Pub Crawl. 10/07/2011