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21st Annual Lake Travis Flight

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Written by Terry on 08/11/2011.

On August 6, 2011, three women decided to forgo sleep and wake-up early to attend this event. Dedicated to the pursuit of happiness and adventure they somehow found one another in the dim light of the sky near the Mansfield Park Dam. Like three schoolgirls they ohhhed and ahhhed at various balloons and watched as they were laid on the ground and their eventual ascent at sunrise. After lots of picture taking and smiling (seriously, how can one not smile when witnessing balloons floating up in the sky?) we made our way to Java Dive in Lakeway for some yummy breakfast and much needed caffeine. Thanks to LT and Eva for joining me! I had a great time. (Thanks to the MEETin Phantom Website Support person for fixing my profile so that I could post photos and a write-up.) :-)

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