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Written by Khanh on 04/19/2009.

Thank you to everyone who came out this Sunday afternoon to spend some time with our dogs and each other! It was a gorgeous day and perfect weather! Walter and Tracy brought Heather, Molly had Mr. Chesterfield, Caroline had Rocky AND Missy, Josh brought Diesel, Chris had Tex with him, Deb brought Lola, Sylvia had both Jubi and Bugji, and I brought Josie. Trang and Rene were there to get their dog fix in. :P

It was nice that our dogs all got along and hung out while their parents chatted. We were visited by many other four-legged cuties (there was a King Charles Spaniel meetup going on as well) but the most popular by far was Bernice a beautiful beagle and of course, Winston the chihuahua who is being fostered and might find a new home in the near future!

I will definitely be hosting this event again so be on the lookout if you weren't able to come this time.

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