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Double Wide Dining

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Written by MEGHAN on 09/24/2008.

Everyone couldn't wait to try out the "South Austin Trailer Park & Eatery". The event was full but I went ahead and told the waiting list people to join us anyway since it is an outdoor venue and I was sure we could make room. We even had some additional crashers on top of the waiting list people so I guess this is the place to be. Anyone who has been to Torchy's already knew the tacos would be good. I think the consensus on Shuggie's was that while it may not have been the best burger ever it was still quite a tasty burger. Fran also said the veggie burger was delicious! The owner saw our group and came over to see hi and have a chat. During the conversation he confirmed the veggie burgers are made by hand using real veggies. After that we headed over to Sugar Mama's to try out some cupcakes. They had a busy day (good for them) so when go there about an hour before closing they didn't have a large selection of desserts left (bad for us). We did still get to try some treats though and they were thoroughly enjoyed. One of the co-owners was behind the counter and she was very helpful and friendly. She said next time we could call ahead and she doesn't require credit card info to hold orders. They are fairly new so they're still trying to gauge traffic and if they need to bake more during the day. I will definitely be back to try more of their treats! Yay for locals businesses!

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