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LBJ Ranch Tour

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Written by Everend on 03/16/2008.

LBJ was our 36th president, this is something I learned yesterday at his boyhood home. I didn't have to learn the order of the presidents in school so really besides the first one or two and then the ones since I was born the rest have been a blur. I was surprised to learn that he was born in 1908 and this August will be his 100th 'Birthday'. He died at age 65 in the house we are standing in front of. In August of this year, in conjunction with his birthday celebration, they are going to open the Texas White House behind us to tours. Our guide said he was in the house a few weeks ago and was surprised to find LBJ's closet just as he left it, with suits and shoes lined up waiting for him to come back. Keep an eye open for another LBJ tour event later this year when the house LBJ and Ladybird lived out their retirement.

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