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Weekly Wrap-Up Extravaganza!
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So I've been lazy in posting event writeups and pictures, which means instead of posting a bunch of small writeups you get one big one. "But, Tim!" you might say, "how can we handle this much concentrated awesome in one shot!" Easy, I say - you've been hanging out with me all this time, so your systems should be able to handle it. So let's get on with it!
First up was Karaoke night at Charlie Brown's on the 12th. I arrived to find Matt holding down the fort. We ordered some grub and drinks, and were soon joined by Alex, Ro, Brian, Helen ("don't call me Ria!"), her friend Rose, and new member Michelle. Everyone had a pretty good time, the Rock God worked his magic, and we even got Helen and Rose up on stage to break down some Fugees (before Rose snuck off leaving Helen to solo it). Definitely looking forward to the next time!
Next up was hanging out at Clicks with Matt on his birthday. I arrived to find Matt, Jose, and Janeal relaxing with a cold beverage in front of them. Throughout the evening the regulars at Clicks came by to wish Matt a happy birthday. I'm not saying that Matt spends a lot of time there, but the engraved table with his name was a bit much. ;) We were soon joined by Javier and his friend, who regaled us with the story of getting to meet actor Danny Trejo who had just finished filming another movie for Robert Rodriguez and passed all the drinks that people bought for him over to Javier and his friends. I'm so jealous, Javier! :D
Finally we had the Downtown Pub Crawl. After braving downtown traffic and finding the excellent parking (thanks again, Alexandra!) Tim and Jennifer made their way to Howl at the Moon where we met Gabriel, Sarah, and Tisa. Turns out the pub crawl was organized by the Paseo del Rio organization and sponsored by Guinness. Howl at the Moon was covered in green hats due to the 100+ people who initially turned up for the crawl. The highlight of Howl at the Moon (at least for me, anyway) was when the guy in the Guinness Pint costume wandered out. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, people. We were soon joined by Michelle after we left HatM and made our way over to Mad Dogs. The entire time we're on the walk we kept adding people. By the time we left Mad Dogs, we were probably 150 strong. Latecomer Janeal tracked us down ("we're at Mad Dogs - look for the sea of green hats!"). We then wandered over to Waxy O'Connor's Irish Pub - owned by two Irishmen who had all the fixtures imported from Ireland. By this time our numbers swelled close to 200, which made for a very jam-packed Waxy's. I'm sure the waitstaff were happy to see us all leave, since moving through all of us with huge trays of food and drink was not easy. The crawl ended around 9pm at Iron Cactus, where a buffet was waiting for us. And by buffet, I mean chips, queso, jalapeno poppers, and taquitos. Needless to say, they weren't expecting 200 starving drunk people wearing way too much green.

However, we weren't done, as Jennifer, Janeal, Michelle, and I wanted to do some dancing, so off to Polly Esters we went! The 90's room was kind of dead, but the 70s and 80s room was full of dancing. For the next 3 1/2 hours we played that funky music white boy, got our groove thangs on, and had the time of our lives. Unfortunately, even though she asked the DJ twice, we never did hear any AC/DC (sorry Janeal!).

Thanks to everyone who came out and made that week so much fun!

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I love the green horns, Jennifer...why does that not surprise me...looks like a lot of fun was had...

I don't think I was wearing quite enough green!

I second that last comment

Great write up!
Great wrap up of the weeks adventures, Tim! Thanks for taking the pictures and thank you to everyone who came out! :)