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The 2007 Great Bay Scallop Search

August 2007

Hosted by

Mark   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address Tierra Verde, FL
I'll be taking my boat to this event and instead of having them fill my boat with strangers, I'd rather be the one to fill it with you strangers. I've done this many years in the past and it's really quite simple. We go out on the boat to some random location and snorkel a 100' line back and forth about 10 times and that's it. It's a fun day on the water and doesn't take much at all. After that they feed us and give you a shirt from the event.

Once we're done if anyone is interested we can take the boat back out and go to Egmont Key or Shell Island and have a nice relaxing day on the water until we're ready to go. Let me know if you're up for that when you RSVP.

This is a kid friendly event provided they are old enough to help in the search.

Tampa Bay Watch & the Tampa Bay Estuary Program invite you to participate in The 2007 Great Bay Scallop Search. Rain or Shine!

----It’s that time of year!!!

Tampa Bay Watch and the Tampa Bay Estuary Program have teamed up again to sponsor this annual event. The Great Bay Scallop Search is a resource-monitoring program where volunteers snorkel and search for scallops in select areas within Boca Ciega & Lower Tampa Bays. The purpose of this program is to monitor and document the health and status of the bay scallop population. Due to the severe 2005 Red Tide, volunteers found only one live scallop. 2006 brought 17 1/2, Let’s see if we can find more in 2007!

Scallop searchers will meet at 9:00 am at the far eastern side of the Ft. De Soto Boat Ramp to receive survey equipment and instructions for the monitoring event. Captains, please anchor or tie your boat up along the shoreline east of the ramp, by 9 am. Lunch will be provided once you return to shore.

We are planning for about 45 boats with up to 150 participants to search selected sites in Boca Ciega & Lower Tampa Bays for the elusive bay scallops. Bay scallops, or the Argopecten irradians disappeared from Tampa Bay in the 1960s when the bay water was highly polluted from dredging operations and industrial and municipal wastes. Tampa Bay’s water quality and seagrass beds have since improved to levels that will once again support Argopecten irradians populations.

What you need to bring:

• You’ll need a mask and snorkel and be able to snorkel/swim 50 meters—fins and weight belt are optional.
• Sun Protection
• Optional hat

Note: The googlemap is not 100% accurate. The boat ramps are south of the location shown.