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New Member Mixer @ Sherlocks

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Written by Kim on 01/27/2010.

Seeing as how we haven't had a new mixer event in what seems like decades I, Kim tha Gorgeous :-p, decided to host a new member mixer event @ Sherlock's. Although we did not have any new member's show up (don't know what was up w/THAT) we had an amazing time!

I arrived @ Sherlock's almost on time (what a shocker!) and quickly found a table near the stage so that we could all chat and catch up b/4 the band started. Shortly after that Nicole arrived followed by Joey, Kathy and Rosie. When everyone was settled we ordered drinks, relaxed, and chitchatted about how awesome we all were :p! Around 8pm I started to get nervous thinking not many pple were going to show when in walks the most fabulous couple on MiSA, yes ladies and gentlemen, Alex and Christina decided to grace us with their presence! After that it seems we couldn't stop the tide of peeps showing up, lol. The 'Rock God' aka Tim arrived showing off the luxurious mane of hair he

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