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Rachel and Ryan's goodbye party @ D&B

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Written by Kim on 09/02/2009.

There's a kind of magic in getting a large group of diverse individuals to attend the same function and have a great time. You can't really make a reservation, because it's impossible to know how many people are going to show up at all, and getting them all to arrive at the same time is something that's just left up to fate. So fate must have approved of our decision to descend upon Dave & Busters Saturday to bid a fond farewell to long-time members Rachel and Ryan, as the vast majority of the group all arrived at about the same time. Nothing like walking through a crowded parking lot only to keep running into old friends. Melissa, Sarah, and Jessica had arrived a little earlier as the group of Rachel, Ryan, Jami, Kim, Tim, and Rosie sauntered their happy selves up to the door.

It being a Saturday and crowded, the group made their way to the Midway towards the bar and chaos - in other words, home sweet home for this merry group of troublemakers. Cozying up to the bar, we started to discuss our options when fate again blessed us, as our hostess with the mostess Kim found an empty table big enough to accommodate us. The group was soon joined by Gabriel and Joey. Soon after that, the happy couple of Alex and Christina joined us - and I use that term because Christina started waving her left hand around blinding everyone with her brand new engagement ring!

After dinner, Rachel and Kim decided to challenge each other to a little DDR dance off. Over the next few hours, gamecards were swiped, tickets were won, creatures great and small met their virtual demise, basketballs were tossed, and then we all discovered the virtual jump rope game. Amazingly enough, the combination of alcohol, bright lights, and loud noises led to many a "what the... oh hell no! I'm going again!" at said jump rope. During all this, Subbi made a brief appearance while Jami disappeared to return later with her boyfriend Jonathan.

Once we had our fill of virtual games, we decided to head over to Hidden Tavern to wrap up the evening's entertainment with a little karaoke. Luckily, only half the group got lost on their way there, and Kim had a close encounter with some of nature's creatures, but for the most part it was an uneventful journey. Hidden Tavern was jam packed full of party people, so our group crowded around a table and enjoyed many a cold beverage. Kim made friends with the group sitting next to us, and without having sung a single note that night, the resident Rock God had two tables worth of drunks clamoring for him to take the stage. Sadly we had to wait til the very last, but from the response, it was worth the wait. Afterwards, we made our way over to Dennys for a quick post-drunk meal, where a few of the drivers lived the adage - "if a cop doesn't see it, it's not illegal".

All in all, it was a successful fun-filled night and a fitting send-off to two of our dearest friends as Ryan gets stationed in Arizona. We wish them well in their move, and look forward to their visiting down the road. As for our newly engaged couple, if the outpouring of love and congratulations from the people in attendence was any measurement, it's going to be nothing but the best for those two. Thanks to all who came, and looking forward to the next event!

Attendees: Rachel, Ryan, Melissa, Gabriel, Sarah, Jessica, Tim, Kim, Jami, Jonathan, Subbi, Joey, Rosie

written by: Tim

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