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April Mixer

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Written by Chris on 04/19/2009.

Looking for a place to host a Mixer event, I wondered... Where could we go? One day I queried my liege the "ROCK GOD" on the subject, and he suggested "Sherlock's." Having not been there in quite a while, I thought it was a capital idea!!

Making my way from my recently banged-up jalopey towards the door, I saw the one and only "Kim the man" entering the building. We met up at the bar, ordered a few drinks and retired to a nice little booth by the door, to watch for our friends as they arrived.

Shortly thereafter, Rosie arrived with her whiskey sour complete with cherry in hand. Rosie suggested we move to a table, in the middle of the room, which would allow everyone to see us as they arrived. Bowing to her good point, the 3 of us located ourselves at a table in front of the big screen. We talked about this and that, and a few other things until the our man Tim slipped into a seat at the table. He was followed shortly thereafter Kathy and her sidekick(LOL) "The Blond Tornado(AKA: Jessica)."

Ginger musta been slackin' because her human got out!!
LOL!! Jennifer(cubed..right? does it even matter anymore.. I think you're the only Jennifer, Jennifer)was able to join us as well.

Things got a little out of order for me at this point, I'm sure you can guess why... My Russian friend was in attendance.. ;)

Also joining us was, SUBBI!!! You're here!! SUBBI!

As well as what appears to be the newest addition to the group.. the Devastating Duo of Cheryl and Laura(Guess she would be Laura cubed, neh?).

Even more kids showed up.. Gabe, his sister Sarah, and their friend(Who's name escapes me at the moment).

The band, for the night was "E-7." Wonder where that name came from.. ? Hmmm...

They started, and the dance floor was filled almost immediately. Somehow or another Cheryl even got me up there. How did that happen? It was a good night! Thanks to everyone for coming!

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