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updated on 03/05/08 9:04:32
Fundraiser Opportunity!
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Hello!! I am running a fundraiser at my daughters school through my Mary Kay business and I wanted to run it by you in hopes we could incorporate something similar for your local school, daycare, boy/girlscout troops, etc. 30% of sales at their first Skin Care Class (within 1 hour of Lincoln, CA) or event to go to their organization. (several folks from the same org can run events simultaniously) You can go to my website at www.marykay.com/ddasaro to schedule an appointment letting me know what organization you want to benifit from this offer, and we can go from there. Another option would be to have a web-party. Whoever hostesses the web party, must contact me and be contact for the order shipment. If you choose this option, your "guests" place an order on my website during a given time frame or call me at 916-802-7824, mention the hostess and which organization you are from and I will give 15% to that group. Please let me know if you are interested in taking advantage of this great opportunity for FUN and MONEY for your organization! I believe in putting the FUN back in FUN-raiser! :) Thanks! Nysia www.marykay.com/ddasaro Independant Mary Kay Beauty Consultant - Contact me for a free facial, or make-over!! Looking for Models for my Spring Make-over Portfolio! I need 30 models by March 31st! Take the CELLU-SHAPE challenge! Ask me how you can have shapelier arms, legs, and abdomen and earn free gifts! Refer a friend and earn free products!