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Crazy Eats at Crazy Fire!

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Written by Salee on 01/31/2008.

We cooked up a storm at Crazy Fire and had a blast!

I want to thank everyone for coming out and making this such a fun event. From the Mongolian "virgins" to the experienced and somewhat neurotic (yes it's me) chefs, everyone tried their hand at some new creations. What did we learn? Cayenne pepper is hot and everything tastes better with an egg in it.

Three cheers to Josh for the best smelling dish and to the three platers out there - you know who you are! The dinner conversation was wild. We covered everything from racism, gym critiques, all the way to the excess of marijuana at Tom Petty's concerts. FYI - I just posted a Tom Petty event for July. :-)

Next month I'm going to try and find another all-you-can-eat place. I heard someone (Sara) say they wanted to try the Golden Corral? lol...

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