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Gracie's Best MEETin Event Story .......
myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphicsUpdated 09/21/19: MEETinAUSTIN: I cannot believe I did not put this one up already. Party Barge (August 2007). It took me a year to remember what happened there, but now that I do remember, wow! Okay, it wasn't like that. Just a bunch of people not having to drive, and lots of jello shots! Wow! *** MEETinEUGENE: Drinks at the Cooler in June 2009 was a great way to meet this group. They are outgoing, do not treat you like an outsider, and are just there to have fun. *** MEETinHONOLULU: Camping in November 2006 in Hawai'i! Gee, the stories we plan on telling over, and over, and over, and over...umm...pole dancing...tent...my slippers...aaah, the lantern...gee, these memories will last me quite some time. *** MEETinLASVEGAS: MiLV14: Let's BOOOOOOgie * Halloween Dance Party (Halloween 2014). This was the MEETinCELEBRATION that toook place in Las Vegas so we had friends from all over the state and some from Germany and Amsterdam, too! On this night, we had 40+ friends dancing the night away at Tryst Nightclub! AND there was a dancing bear! Celebrity DJ (apparently Janet Jackson's ex bf). Long Island Iced Teas! Take it from me, 2 is enough! *** MEETinLOSANGELES: I'm going to have to say Halloween at the Foxfire (October 2008)! This was a crazy, crazy night. But it was a fun, crazy night. Only one LA member went, but my 4 other gals were with me so it didn't matter. We had so much fun, met great people and just had a fun time. I won't say more because, will not incriminate myself (teasing). *** MEETinORANGECOUNTY: The Creepers at the Harp Inn! (June 2007) Mac, Matt, Brian! They always make me feel like a celebrity at their gigs. And sharing the experience with my OC friends is even better (Mary Kay, I love you!). *** MEETinPORTLAND: Definitely Paulie's Relaxing Cookout event (June 2007). There were definitely many stages. First the early birds (not me), then the party crowd, but then stage 3, the wild bunch...um, Gracie left before it got TOOOO wild. Sorry! Next time, will HAVE to stay! *** MEETinSACRAMENTO: I visited the Capitol of California. I did not get a turnout at my event since it was a day event, but that's okay, because going and just visiting this historical place made it worthwhile. *** MEETinSANANTONIO: MiSA's Official Monthly Minger at Chacho's (October 2007). Sometimes, our nights can get pretty crazy. *** MEETinNEWORLEANS: MiNOLA15: Superheroes vs Villains Pub Club Crawl (November 2015). We got dressed up in costumes and walked up and down Bourbon Street hitting different bars. * MEETinSEATTLE: MiSEA17: Early Birds * Drinks & Dinner & Ghosts? (September 2017). Night 1 which was actually the day before the actual event began. It started out as a normal event, everyone getting reacquainted, I was introduced to Dirty Shirley (it's a drink), then Naughty Nellie, and then somehow we ended up in a random karaoke bar next to the haunted Merchant Cafe. The vibe of the group is what made the night. To think, this was just the start of the celebration. ** MEETinNASHVILLE 2018: Best memory is hitting a random bar (unplanned) with a group after our ghost tour. We were in Nashville, a place I never thought I'd enjoy (not a country fan) but will say that Nashville was one of my favorites!
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Milwaukee News News Date
MEETinCELEBRATION 2018 - Nashville. 10/22/2018
Solo, McMenamins Stamps, & Beer! * Bagdad 05.26.18. 05/27/2018
The Cure Pre-Concert Mini-Party & Concert 05.28.16. 07/26/2016
McMenamins Passport Crawl(ish) * Hawthorne 4.15.16. 04/21/2016
St. Patrick's Day Fremont Street Pub Crawl-03.2016. 04/03/2016
MiNOLA15: Drinks+Dinner+More Drinks on St. Peters. 11/15/2015
McMenamins Passport Experiences Wine Tour 12.26.14. 12/28/2014
MiLV14: Club Night @ Tao (10.30.2014). 11/07/2014
Official MEETinCELEBRATION Meet & Greet-09.30.2014. 11/05/2014
Grab a Cold One @ Bunk Bar. 07/24/2012