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eMEETinMINGLER (Around the World)-Let's Wig Out

May 2020

Hosted by

Gracie   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address Vancouver, WA
Let's wig out with our many friends. Get those wigs out off the shelf, boxes, wherever you have them, shake them out, and let's show off our most fabulous-ness at the this eMingler.

IMPORTANT: YOU MUST DRESS UP! No Pajamas! - I decided that having a theme is kind of fun so decided, this Mingler will be Wig(ging) Out! No wig? No problem, get creative with your hair.

What else? YOU MUST HAVE A COCKTAIL IN HAND (okay, it can be water in a cool glass).

Honestly, if it's a nice night, go outside and have the Mingler in the "outdoor seating."

Here's the plan, you come in, say hello, chat with some friends. Depending on the crowd, about every 15 minutes, we will break into random smaller groups. You may see someone you know or may be meeting a new friend.

Just like any popular venue, there is a limit to how many peeps we can let in so what you can do is wait in the waiting room and as I see peeps leaving, I'll let you in. Um, that is, if it lets you wait. Never quite reached 100. ASSUMING we even hit 100. For all I know we may only have 5 people in attendance. ;)

Please invite other MEETin peeps that do not know about this event.

Why are we doing this? Many of us are cooped up and we just need a break or to do some socializing. I know that some cities are opening up. We will continue doing this until my free unlimited Zoom ends (may end at the end of June or ???).

Here are the details:

(Making it a little earlier than usual MINGLERS so that our East Coast friends can stop in. I made it last longer so that maybe those on the other side of the world will wake up at 6AM and see that there's a party going on on want to join.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 329 374 137
Password: xoxoxo

Once in, please change your name to your name + your MEETin city.

Now for the fine print:
*** Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. You will be booted. ***

Looking forward to seeing you!