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Harrisburg Pa. Group Photos
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We're just gettin started

Melissa is sure she's got a winner!

Patrick and Ken hard at work on their designs!

Jenn making sure no one is stealin her design!

Paul's Cider.....Yummmmmmmyyyyyyyy

Time's a runnin out.....

Ken and Christine's Pumpkin design

Paul and Kelly's carving

Melissa and Patricks creation

Jenn adn Lynn's fearsome creation

Paul's spooky glow

Chris's web of wonder!

The winning Design voted by MeetinHBG

Runner Up design voted by MeetinHBG


Added By Jamie On: 10/12/09
Thanks again for hosting you guys! This was an awesome event.

Added By Lynn On: 10/09/09
thanks for hosting this event. I love carving pumpkins and its was great to see everyone again.

Added By Eric On: 10/07/09
It was a shame I couldn't stay longer, but I had a great time just the same. Thanks for hosting!!

Added By Christine On: 10/07/09
This event was alot of fun! And you guys were such wonderful hosts, as always! :-)

Added By Melissa On: 10/06/09
I had a great time at this event. I love my pumpkin face design. I have it sitting on the doorstep for everyone to see when they walk in.

Added By Kelly On: 10/06/09
This is the kick-off to Halloween and I love my pumpkin! Thank you Kelly, Paul & Andrew for hosting this fun event. I had a great time and appreciate your efforts. :)