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updated on 09/22/09 11:26:04
Resume ResQ at your service
Hello! Just wanted to share with you all that I'm a professional resume writer. I write virtually. My clients range from Tampa to Seattle, Chicago and NYC to Phoenix. Typically, if you are not getting called for an interview, it's your resume that is not branding you well. Let me help! I am happy to share what I know from 15 years as a Corporate Recruiter and Human Resource Generalist. I've also got the inside scoop on how applicant tracking systems and the recruitment process work. We've got a new jobseekers' group going on LinkedIn called "Get a Job" that sprang from the MiPLers who are seeking. Just do a search under groups there, then look for the Portland group and request to join. Soon, we'll be holding IRL meetings at the Tigard Library. Lots of us in Portland are seeking employment and you are welcome to join us either virtually or IRL. Come share your questions, thoughts, ideas, suggestions. Patty Resume ResQ

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