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Virtual Netflix Party: Raiders of the Lost Ark

May 2020

Hosted by

Randi   (Past events)


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Members attending:


Ok Gang. This is a fun one to watch, and I haven't seen it in ages. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

You much have a Netflix account
You much use Google Chrome with the Netflix Party Extension.
Just before the event I will post the link to the Netflix Party right here at the top.
Be sure you have installed the Google Chrome extension.

How to join us
1) Open Google Chrome Browser
2) Download Netflix Party Extension, here: www.netflixparty.com
(You should see a "NP" logo in the upper right of your Chrome screen, next to the URL address box)
3) Just before 7pm, open chrome and log in to your Netflix account.
4) Close the tab you opened Nextflix on.
5) Click the link I post here in the event.

If your chat sticks during the show, try refreshing your browser, or close the tab and come back in again.