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Bangalore Group Photos
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Old Frinds meet Again : MeetinBangalore

CCD New Comers Group with Angeline

Bangalore's Beauty!!!!

Its all about fun!!!

Happy People!!!! Ye Ye yeh...!!!!

Dancing at Spinn!!!


Added By Vishwas On: 12/26/05
Hey all, i am a new member for meetinbangalore.. Saw this meet and felt bad initially because i missed it.. but i hope that i will be a part of these fun filled meets.. i would love to be included.. anyways.. great going guys.. cheers

Added By Kavya On: 09/28/05
I know everyone has this curiosity why the face is hidden. Due to some personal resons of the perticular Individual, we would not be giving personal details on the site. Anyways....Just another way to let yu people know that MIB cares for you. Not just in fun and adventure but also in any odd situation. I am so thankful to all the people to come and enjoy...I loved when I saw so many new faces and soon they al became my friends....Can't wait to meet you again!!!!

Added By sreekanth On: 09/28/05
It was cool to see ya guys. Some nice tinker bells getting together meet each other and get along. I hope to see ya next week. Hey why someone (M...a) lost her face.in the event pics? Vicks and singh i enjoyed ya company....so whos gonna giva factory?!!!!!!!!!!

Added By Viki On: 09/26/05
OOoooooh what an evening. Guys, a big bIG BIG thanks to Kavya, Angel, Shri and Mukul for being there till the end and making things happen. This was one of my best evenings in Bangalore. Patience pays and have the Never Say Die attitude. For those who didnt make it, guys just chill dont worry we can do it next time again and again. there's no stopping us now. KUDOS to the ppl who turned up this time and HATS OFF to KAVYA for being there (inspite of having to drive back all alone). See ya all next time..

Added By Pradeep On: 09/25/05
Hey ppl... Wht do i say....it was total fun n frolic....i didnt imagine that the event will go so well and so much to enjoy. Best part was that everyone was keen on meeting again and were planning for the next meet. Innings has got to a flying start...just hope that we make as many runs as possible wihtout losing anyone from here.... hee heee Cheers haffun PG (Pradeep)

Added By Bir Anmol Singh On: 09/25/05
I was so happy to meet some new people after such a long time and Meetin made it possible. Thanks a lot. The event rocked, i got to know about many people. It was fun being the part of this.