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Bangalore Group Photos
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Blast with Rock at Purple Haze

great excitement for Mukul!!!!


Added By subra On: 09/08/05
hey folks.. great to see that PH seems to be the place to meet...well that is my fav place and i am there most of the saturdays except now since i am couped up in chennai. Work and all that...but folks i would like to get to know all of you out there in this place....do let me know abt u guys....cheers

Added By Rajiv On: 09/07/05
Sorry to come in late with my part of exitement that i had with my first meeting with the group. We had an awesome time and I must say Purplehaze was ROCKING!!!!!!!!.The whole of the evening with coffee,beer and the musiK along with such compatible friends/members, it was surely fantabulous.

Added By Shree On: 09/05/05
Seems like B'lore is picking up steam. Keep the party rolling till I come to Bangalore early next year. We need to party it up.

Added By mIKEY On: 09/04/05
the second event looks like it was allot of fun. Sweet :-)

Added By dayaprasad On: 09/04/05
hey bangloreans wake up. my first bangalore meet was an enjoyable. even though we were expecting many more people four was a very good number. all of them came in as warm individuals and our comfort levels were amazing. it didnt feel like we were seeing each other for the first time. though i had to move out early, i did enjoy whatever time i had with them. hoping to meet soon and also more of our members. till then regards doc