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Bangalore Group Photos
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Viki, first one to show up

Bangalore Group meets

Fun at "Firangi Paani"



Added By Bill On: 08/31/05
Congratulations on the first of many events to come!

Added By Kavya On: 08/30/05
I was so thrilled by just the idea that finally the event is taking place. And when I was there, it was just absolute fun. Though the number of people were not what I really expected, but it was really a group of quality people. Guys...Just keep up the spirit of Bangalore...and we'll make this happening place much more happening for everyone like we did in our first Startu event.

Added By dayaprasad On: 08/30/05
hey kavya good to know the event took off. i guess i missed something. hope you people meet soon again so i have another chance to get together. good one doc

Added By mIKEY On: 08/29/05
Our first Bangalore event. This is really great. I hope everyone had fun can't wait to see what you guys plan next :-)