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Successfull Meet at Tamarind after a long time

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Written by Abhijit on 05/02/2006.

After a long time we had a successfull meet last month. I apologise for putting up the pictures real late, since I was out of town and also fell ill last week. Anyways here it is how it went.
AS per the schedule Bijo was the person who was right on time and infact the first person to reach the venue. Thanks for your timeliness man. He was accompanied by one of his friend. WE also had Ali (A new member) in our site who attended the event in the last moment. Few more guests were supposed to come but due to weekend rush for work may have prevented them from attending.
In any case we had a good time. The pictures would speak for themselves. We met at Tamarind had a couple od glass of drinks and then moved to Imperial for a gala dinner. Ofcourse we would see in the pictures how Ali is cracking down on the chicken bones.lol...

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