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100% Enjoyment : Nandi Hills Adventure

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Written by Kavya on 09/18/2005.

Woooooo!!!! What a trip to Nandi Hills.... It was an amazing experience and a lot of adventure. The entire group showed a great initiative coming out and making it possible. So much fun!!!!! The best effort was Mukul's who somehow missed to be a part but drove 40 kms. to join the group at Nandi Hills with his friend Viki. Angeline came almost 15 kms from her house to be a part of it. It was little easier for Deepak and me....'cuz we stay at the end of Bangalore and very close to the escape. Rajiv was a little late but he finally showed up. The biggest and funniest example was Praful...who came half way to join the group.....and finally became one of us.
Our surprise guest was my friend Travis, who landed in India few days ago and got opportunity to be a part of this adventureous trip.

So finally we were 7 members making a bigger group than other events. We stoped at couple of places on the way and the sight seeing was incredible.All of us were so hungry right after we reached, so just started with delicious Food and chilled beer.

It was great view to look around and also we walked around Nandi Hills. We tried to capture every moment in pictures... and finally captured the return in a video...so don't forget to check all this out right here in our news section.

I hope we'll keep this going in future too....just can't wait for another meeting in town now.

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