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CCD's Non Stop Fun was really great fun!!!

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Written by Kavya on 09/03/2005.

I finally made it to the second event of MEETinBANGALORE which was a great chcnce to hang out with our DOC and other MEETinBangalore peeps on Saturday, had many cups of teas( everyone likes tead more than coffee here) along with the "Hukkah".After all the planning was done for the next event, which is gonna be an Adventerous Trp to "Nandi Hills",doc left and rest of us headed to "Purple Haze". Here the DJ plays hard-rock covers from the 1960s and 70s to an audience whose icons have shifted loyalties from the peace sign to the Gucci logo. Of course "Beer" was aflowing. It was a really fun weekend and thanks so much to all of the Bangalore peeps who made this next event happen so soon and much more successful. Can't wait for Nandi Hills now.

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