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The Parade of the Lost Souls

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Written by Paolo on 10/28/2006.

Quite possibly the best Parade of the Lost Souls ever! The group started quite big: Rudy, clearly recognizable in his Spiderman costume, Paolo, Candace, Naomi, Sue and Erin, and then got even bigger when Eunice managed to find us, thanks to Sue's astounding descriptive ability over the phone. The place was really crowded, and many people displayed amazing costumes: a giant skull-head, countless devils and witches, a couple of noble Romans, Marie Antoinette, a television-head man, a few superheroes... But our superhero was the most recognized one... it was literally a blast! By the end of the night Rudy collected: the screams of joy and the absolute admiration of 85 kids, the screams of excitement of 3 superheroines and at least 2 rough butt pats from unknown donors. Paolo was very jealous. Other highlights of the night: fire dancers, fire blowers and hula-hoop fire dancers; many incredible stilts walkers, many musical bands -- from the powerful rhythms of the drummers, through the funky performance of the mythical Carnival Band, to an improbable brass and flute remake of Yeah by Usher. The group had a really good time and thanks to a true miracle managed to stay compact all the way to the end, when most us walked together to the sky-train.

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