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Solo, McMenamins Stamps, & Beer! * Bagdad 05.26.18

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Written by Gracie on 05/27/2018.

We started out at Barely Mills where we enjoyed a pint of Purple Haze. We then went to the the Bagdad where we caught up with friends. Cecilia joined us just in time to wait in line. We were determined to get the balcony so wanted to get in line early. Barbara & her date arrived next. I met her at the Saint Patrick's Day Pub Crawl. Once 5:45 PM came, it was a run for the balcony. Apparently it is more popular than I thought. No worries, we got to the 4th row and were able to get the entire row. Whew!

Sue joined us next. After putting our sweaters and helmets and whatever else we had on our seats we went to order our meals. Apparently they only offer menu upstairs and only slices of pizza downstairs.

Joe found us in the balcony and once we were settled, we could catch up and chat a bit.

Movie time came and the show carried itself. Good job, Ron Howard, for taking the reigns on this.

After the movie, we said good night to Sue, who already had her stamps from each location. The rest of us went around getting our stamps while Joe just enjoyed hanging out (right, Joe?). ;)

We ended up at the main restaurant and ordered appetizers and a drink.

This place is always a fun place. They have games, movies, and great places to enjoy your meal. They even have a cigar bar (for those interested in that). :)

Another great day with this bunch!

See you next time!

Until then...

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