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The Cure Pre-Concert Mini-Party & Concert 05.28.16

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Written by Gracie on 07/26/2016.

We started the date with a mini party/get together at Gracie's house (that's me!). We then crammed into 2 cars and drove to the fairgrounds where Kristy, David, Celso, & Kimi went off to their snooty, I mean assigned seats.

Gracie, Curtis, Bijana, Ankesh, & Jennifer scouted out the lawn and found our spot. Laura C and Mindi were somewhere in the crowd but we didn't see them. *sigh*

The first band was good and played for about an hour. They were a good opening band for the headlining band.

Once the Cure came on, the crowd went wild and they started off with a popular song. They mainly played B side songs but through in popular songs. They had about 3 (or was it 4) encores.

Overall, great concert and fun friends.

Stay tuned for the next write ups of past events (trying to catch up on these).

In the meantime, we will be having a pre-party at the house for the Heart, Joan Jett, & Cheap Trick concert.

Stay tuned for more write up since I'm trying to be good an catch up on all the events we have had.

Until then...

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