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McMenamins Passport Experiences Wine Tour 12.26.14

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Written by Gracie on 12/28/2014.

On Friday, 4 of us got together to earn some stamps on our passports, PLUS got the Wine Tour experience stamps.

The night started out with Curtis and Gracie doing the Edgefield Tour (found on the McMenamins site). That didn't last very long since it wasn't as exciting as expected.

Fortunately it was time for the Wine Tour. The tour guide took us into 3 different rooms and explained the process, showed us barrels, showed us metal things that do something, then more barrels. Really, I was paying attention. ;)

After getting our experience stamp, we walked around the location gathering more stamps. Being Friday, all the locations were open by 4PM.

We then stopped at the Power Station where Kristy & David had a Distillery Tray (experience stamp). After a stop or two, we had all the stamps and went to the hotel desk to get our prizes.

Kristy and David took off after a quick pose for the camera and then down to Lucky's Pool Hall Curtis and I went for dinner. Goodness, I do like their pizza. A couple of small pizzas, a glass of white rabbit, then it was time to end the event.

It was a great way to spend the day.

We will be visiting Edgefield again on Valentine's Day to get more experience stamps and others can get the "regular stamps."

We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events!

Until then...

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