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Beauty Pageant Pub Crawl

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Written by Kim on 05/13/2007.

Here she comes, Miss America...

Er, rather, here HE comes, MisFire...

Rudy, or MisFire, rather, took the crown last night at our first ever Beauty Pageant Pub Crawl. Also part of the prize package: a dozen long stemmed (fake) roses and a 100 Grand (candy bar). Woo hoo!

His runner up, MisChievous, also known as Lisa, winning a large bag of gold (chocolate) coins.

But everyone who made it out was a winner in our books. What fun we had! And how absolutely sensational everyone looked! Ball gowns and suits, cheesy emcees and men in dresses. Oh what a night!

Our night unfolded on the South Side starting at Smokin' Joes. There the competition was sized up and sashes were distributed. It was a great place to start getting settled in for a night of fun.

On the way to our second destination, we made a scene walking down Carson St. waving at the passing traffic in true beauty pageant fashion. We got glares, grins, honks, waves, and a lot of confused bewilderment.

Our next stop: Ruggers on 22nd St. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the place, this is the local hangout for most rugby players in the area. Beauty queens and rugby players, a match made in heaven! The crowd was very accommodating and fun. And it was here that our first dress-clad man made his grand entrance: Frank (MisShapen), combat boots, hairy legs, goatee and all.

Stop number three was White Eagle. Not many people were there, but we filled the place up. It was here that our Queen arrived. Rudy showed up fashionably late after attending the Pittsburgh Passion women's football game. If women can pound around a field playing football, then a man can wear a ball gown, right? Michelle was kind enough to loan him her water bra for the evening; exactly what he needed to complete his winning look.

Next it was on to Cupkas II. This was a brief stop because we were running a bit behind, but we still managed to do our thing.

Our final destination: South City Tavern. The place was doing a hopping business and we did our best to add to the overall fun and confusion. We even included some of the bar patrons to help vote for the first ever MEETinPITTSBURGH pageant queen. A few ladies (and gentlemen) even went so far as to do a bit of campaigning to gain votes. But in the end, it was the "dude in a dress" who stole the show. Congratulations, Rudy!

I really want to give a big giant THANK YOU to Lisa, who really went full out to get this event organized. And to Nancy for contributing ideas and assistance along the way. This never would have happened without you gals.

Thanks to all of you who got gussied up and made it out.

Oh, what fun we had!!!

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