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"Korean Soon Tofu Quartet" - Lunch at BCD

May 2007

Hosted by

Abby   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Address Los Angeles, CA

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Time to tempt your palate with all the pleasurable flavors that Los Angeles has to offer. Join us as we do some culinary exploring of restaurants (both high-end and holes in the walls), various food and beverage tastings, cooking classes, potlucks and so much more. From savory to sweet, from salty to sour, from spicy to tangy, from exotic to All-American, we'll taste it all, so come along and take your taste buds on the ride of their life.

From May through June, our taste buds are going to get a workout as we explore 4 restaurants that feature Korean Soon Tofu Soup. First up is BCD Tofu House in Koreatown!

About Korean Soon Tofu

(excerpts taken from Wikipedia!)

What is Tofu?

Before we can even delve into Korean Soon Tofu Soup, first, a quick introduction for tofu itself.

Tofu (the Japanese "Romaji" spelling), also called doufu (the Chinese "Pinyin" spelling often used in Chinese recipes) or bean curd (the literal translation), is a food of Chinese origin, made by coagulating soy milk, and then pressing the resulting curds into blocks. The making of tofu from soy milk is similar to the technique of making cheese from milk. Wheat gluten, or seitan, in its steamed and fried forms, is often mistakenly called "tofu" in Asian or vegetarian dishes.

There are basically three types of tofu: soft/silken tofu, Asian firm tofu and Western firm/dried tofu. For Korean Soon Tofu Soups, the tofu of choice is the soft/silken tofu.

What is Soft/Silken Tofu?

This undrained tofu contains the highest moisture content of all fresh tofus. Its texture can be described as similar to that of very fine custard. In Korea and Japan, traditional soft tofu is made with seawater which has an even higher moisture content and is often eaten as a dessert, but sometimes with salty pickles or hot sauce added instead. Because it is nearly impossible to pick up this type of tofu with chopsticks, it is generally eaten with a spoon.

What is Korean Soon Tofu Soup?

In Korea, tofu is often served not as a substitute for meat, but alongside it, with a small amount of meat flavoring enriching the silken tofu, which adds its incomparable body and mouth feel.

The Korean specialty soon dubu (tofu) chigae (soup or stew) combines soft tofu, spicy broth and bits of meat or seafood or kimchi. Like all Korean soups and stews, it is served hot enough to boil an egg, which is exactly what you do; at "soon houses" all over the world.

Now that you've learned more about Korean Soon Tofu Soup, let's check out the first restaurant in this "Korean Soon Tofu Quartet" series.

BCD Tofu House

This gleaming restaurant is part of a global chain specializing in Korean tofu stews, served up in steaming, bubbling pots. The tofu is cooked up with meat, seafood and vegetables - your choice - in different flavors of broth, including curry or the spicy hot, garlicky kim chee. Also on the menu: the tasty, traditional Korean BBQ ribs and various seafood choices.

Sounds like Korean Soon Tofu heaven to me and if you think so too, please join me and other Korean Soon Tofu Soup lovers for a tasty lunch at BCD Tofu House!

4 Korean Soon Tofu Soup Restaurants in 2 Months!
Let's see who the Korean Soon Tofu Soup fans really are!

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