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Bad Habits @ Chicago Int'l Film Fest

October 2007

Hosted by

Mark   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Address Chicago, IL
NOTE: The picture here has been CENSORED because ROB insisted that I do so. The black dot you see covers a very blurry nipple on a very blurry breast. The presence of such very blurry aspects of this picture made ROB uncomfortable.

For the uncensored version, click on the link above.

Screening at the 43nd Chicago Int'l Film Festival...

BAD HABITS (Malos Habitos)
Country: Mexico
Director: Simon Bross

Plump, young Linda has trouble becoming the perfect princess her anorexic and exercise-obsessed mother Elena wants. Elena’s husband Gustavo strays from his bony wife to a buxom student with a hearty appetite. Matilde is a nun attempting to halt devastating rains by forgoing food altogether. Centered on one flawed family, this powerful drama examines the ways in which desire and diet collide with strikingly different outcomes.

As with all fest films, I highly recommend getting your tickets in advance and arriving early. These films sometimes sell-out, and the fest reserves the right to sell rush tickets just before the film starts if there are no-shows.

See www.chicagofilmfestival.com for info on getting tickets in advance.

What: Bad Habits (Malos Habitos)
Where: Landmark Century Cinema, 2828 N. Clark (near Diversey & Broadway)
When: Friday, 10/5, 10:00pm show

Meet in the 4th floor ticket lobby--in the specific line for this movie--by 9:30pm.