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updated on 10/06/09 2:10:49
I'm looking for temp. job and accomod.
Hello Vancouver from Amsterdam! I plan to be in Vancouver from January 2010 and possibly through to March for somewhat of a sabbatical. While visiting, ideally I would like to have a temp job (work experience includes hospitality through to Project Management Communication Design) and a shared accomodation, preferably in the area's of West End (not West Vancouver), Main Street or Kitsilano. My appartment in the center of Amsterdam will also be up for rent during this time at 1400,- euro's per month (approximately 2,200 CAD). I'm expecting that what i'm looking for is not going to be easy, but your suggestions are MORE THAN welcome. I am also more than happy to tell you about Amsterdam. Looking forward to your replies! Cheers, Lara