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February 2009

Hosted by

Mark   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

I've got a small group of friends going to Hi-Tec Paintball south of the Skyway to play cap some ass. Hi-Tec offers outdoor play on many different fields so it's a lot different than indoor play. Some fields are in the deep woods with ravines and strategically placed forts and such and some fields are somewhat out in the open. The play is at your own pace so you can skip a few games here and there or play non-stop all day long.

If you've never played paintball it's a blast and if you've played before then you know what I'm talking about. This isn't just a guys sport so ladies come out and join us as well. It's soooo much fun.

$10.00 admission
$20.00 gear/gun/air rental
$50 for 2,000 ammo (Usually 4 of us split this so $12.50 each)
$30 for 1,000 ammo (If two people want this it's better to split a case so $25.00 each)

You are required to use their paint for those of you that own your own guns.

Your total cost if you split a case of ammo with 3 others will be $42.50.

Be sure to bring a chair and a cooler with food and drink. If you have camouflage it's a good idea to wear it. If not, hit your local thrift store and pick up a set of army fatigues for a buck or two. Or wear street clothes, it doesn't matter. Concerning alcohol the owner told me they don't allow you to drink in public but if you put it in a cup and you're discreet they won't say anything. It's a family place and they like to keep it that way.

You must call Hi-Tec a few days early (maybe a week) and leave them a message with a reservation for gear if you intend to rent gear. Otherwise you're risking it that they will have available gear when you get there.
941 746 5866

To speed of the check-in process print and sign this release form and bring it with you.

Located east of I-75 on state road 64 EXIT 220a if your coming from the south (Port Charlotte, Venice) and EXIT 220 from the north (Tampa, Saint Pete) The entry gate is only a few hundred yards east of I-75 on the south side of the road.

It's best to arrange for carpool since it's 45 minutes from St. Pete but it's an easy drive located right off of 75.

This date is subject to change due to weather and attendance but I'll provide plenty of notice if it does.

Beers at a local bar after????