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African Lion Safari

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Written by Sonia on 07/23/2009.

A trip to the African Lion Safari in Ontario proved to be a trip worth taking. Shelly, Tim and myself met up with Glenn and the rest of the MeetinToronto meeps for a day of some cool animals. Upon arrival we were able to catch the elephant's bathing time. We watched as trainers were able to instruct them out of the water and in a single file line to head back to their habitat. We opted to take my vehicle thru the park. Off we went to see the animals. As we approached the baboons I grew a bit nervous hoping the monkeys wouldn't destroy my car. As it turned out though they never even got up onto the car so we were alittle disappointed as we looked on to the other visitors enjoying the company of baboons atop their vehicles. But alas as we were heading away to another habitat we were able to pursaude a couple baboons to hop on the vehicle(we broke open the bag of cheetos). We moved on to see the ostich, rhinos, giraffes and even the zebra. Our ride thru the park was about 1 1/2 hours before returning back to the MeetinToronto group. We all took a boat around a small lake to check out some of the more exotic animals like the black spider monkey and another interesting animal from Madagascar. We all aboarded a train to see some rare turtles in the swamp and deer. The end of our train ride took us by the Albino camel enclosure. Everyone said their good-byes and we headed back to Rochester. This event will definately be back on our board again next Spring.

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