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Karaoke BACK at Buffalo Gap

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Written by Deanna on 01/21/2015.

Buffalo Gap, the mainstay of weekly karaoke of yore, is once again holding karaoke nights! Last week, a group of us checked it out and all agreed that the Buffalo Gap karaoke tradition is revived! It's the same great attic space, the same lovable and friendly bar staff, but a new and outstanding KJ Jacquie, and she knows how to get the place to party. Things are slow moving with requests? Let's do some group dancing! The karaoke program crashed? More group dancing while it reboots! She is not going to let anything stop us from having a rip roaring good time. So here's a few photos of those of us who made the inaugural visit for BG Karaoke 2.0. The next visit is already scheduled! And the plan is to have an event at least once a month. So check it out. Karaoke Thursdays at the Buffalo Gap!

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