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March 2011

Hosted by

Alexis   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address New Orleans, LA
Meetiners (and others) from Louisiana and around the world are invited to join me and members of the Minnesota Drinking Team for our own rogue MARDI GRAS PARADES!

No, we don’t have a float, or band, or anything fancy like that. What we WILL have is enough Mardi Gras spirit to meet new people and party our little hearts out WELL past dawn in one of the greatest cities in the world! And the (liquid, perhaps) courage to march our banners down the Uptown parade route before thousands of tailgating families and parade fanatics on Mardi Gras morning.

The plan is to Meet up at Ms. Mae’s (24hr Bar) at 6am.
It’s on the corner of Magazine & Napoleon.

We can socialize and “prepare” (did I mention Ms. Mae’s has the cheapest cocktails in town?) there for up to an hour or so, then march the route north to St Charles, and towards Canal until sometime around 8am, when the official parades start.

I will have a hard to miss MN Drinking Team sign (or something), and am hoping somebody else can provide a Meetin.Org banner or sign! (any volunteers?). Yeah, Long-shot….I know.
: P
*We can let the more sober people carry that banner, in any case, HaHa!

Drinking is not required, of course, and (after we leave the bar) this is an open to all ages, and a “PG” event!

Everyone welcome!

Since I’m hosting this as a Drinking Team event, as well, and the team also always has a goal of supporting worthy causes, participants are encouraged to consider donating to, or otherwise supporting any of the local animal rescues (on your own….I shan’t be trusted with cash after visiting Ms. Mae’s! Haha!), which have been continuously fighting to save creatures affected by devastating events in the golf, and other issues.

Golf Coast Wildlife Rescue

Animal Rescue New Orleans

Lousiana ASPCA

In their honor, an ANIMAL THEME has been proposed, and I personally pledge to donate a minimum of $4 for every person who joins our parade with an animal themed sign or costume of some sort (get creative, funny, silly, educational, artistic, ANYTHING). ANYONE in costume (OR NOT) is welcome, but animal related attire is particularly encouraged! It'll also help us locate eachother, possibly. : )

Let’s have some simple silly fun on MARDI GRAS!!!

Rain or shine (unless the weather is bad enough to cancel the official parades)!

-Bring your own throws & snacks.
-Dress for the weather & walking! It’ll probably be chilly, but you may also need sunscreen.
-Pee first (and bring cash for incase you need a pit stop along the way)
-Do not expect organization beyond the proposal above….I am going to PARTY!!
-“ Laissez les Bon Temps Roulez!”

***Plan B: If there’s some unforeseen reason we can’t meet at Ms. Mae’s, meet at Brother’s III, which is about 2 blocks west on Magazine and also open 24hrs. They are both small bars.

****I will probably be wearing a mask with blue feathers, and you can call or txt my mobile if needed, BUT, I can’t say if I’ll have it with me or not—(612) 217- 44 87