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Liza's Best MEETin Event Story .......
The March '08 Meet-and-Greet where we gathered 57 of the most interesting people in Montreal at Brutopia.
(Photos below are of events Liza planned or attended)
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Montreal News News Date
Ice Cream and Duluth en Arts. 09/26/2016
Classic Cars at the Big Orange. 07/30/2016
Photo Walk: Murales sur la "Main". 07/26/2016
Afternoon Tea at the Ritz. 06/20/2016
Jane's Walk: Green & Growing Le Plateau and QdS. 05/15/2016
Tea and Pastry: Patisserie Rhubarbe. 05/03/2016
Storytelling - Confabulation: Stories of Danger!. 03/07/2016
Afternoon Tea: Le Parloir. 01/25/2016
Photo Scavenger Hunt: Little Burgundy. 10/18/2015
Photo Walk: St. Henri. 10/08/2015