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Jane's Walk: Green & Growing Le Plateau and QdS

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Written by Liza on 05/15/2016.

What a gorgeous day for an ecological walk through the Plateau and Quartier des Spectacles! Brenda, Viviane, Anna, Thaddeus, Don, Martine, and Kim joined me and group of ten others for a really educational guided tour through various greening initiatives, including the rooftop gardens of Cafe Santropol Roulant, two quaint Ruelles Vertes, the modern apartment complex near Parc St. Louis (as a could-be-better example), the social housing complex along de Maisonneuve, and a community garden. The tour concluded with a tasting of honey from urban beehives around the city. Hungry after all that walking, most of us decided to head back up the hill for lunch at La Chilenita on Roy.

This was my first Jane's Walk, which was a worthwhile experience. I'm looking forward to participating in another walk next year!

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